Do you also have a channel on YouTube and publish your videos on a regular basis on it?
It really does not matter, the amount of time you invest in developing the videos if you’re not promoting and marketing the videos well. Your videos would not be seen by the target audience. 
But, the YouTube promotion is considered to be an art that is very easy. You just need to work in some discipline. 
Below are some of the strategies as well as the techniques which you may follow for marketing and promoting the videos. 
These tips have been proven, tested and worked upon for the videos from each and every niche. This is a checklist which you will have to follow once you’re done creating your videos. 

1.    How to market and promote your YouTube videos and receive more views

The title of the video is the major deciding feature between the videos being seen as well as shared throughout the internet or just getting a very small amount of views. 
It is a very good idea to conduct a thorough keyword research for finding what people are looking for and finding a good title for that.
Below are some of the useful tips for creating good video title on YouTube:

·    Keep them to the point and short

·    Add the present year if possible

·    Make it attractive

·    Include the keywords in the very beginning of the titles

·    Use the “Power words”

·    Use emotionally triggering words

·    Capitalise the headline titles

2.  Video tags

One of the most prominent mistakes which hinder the growth of the organic promotion of the YouTube videos is poor tag use.

Tagging works very differently in case of YouTube than it works in the blog posts. In case you have not paid attention to the tags on YouTube, it is a good time to begin now. You may also go back and make changes in your older tags. 

Below are some of the rules to use the YouTube tags properly:

·    Use a good and unique brand tag so that the videos show in the related videos. For instance you may use your brand’s name in all the videos

·    Use the main keywords as video tags

·    Use variation of the keywords as tags

Find tags which are used by the top ranking videos and use them in the videos. You may also use the “TubeBuddy Chrome extension” for helping you look for tags which are used by the other channels. 

You need to keep in mind that YouTube tags are very important for organic ranking of the videos. 

3.    Use custom thumbnail

A verified YouTube account can take good advantage of the custom thumbnails feature. An efficient video thumbnail assists the channel in standing out in related videos and the suggested videos section.

Below are some of the useful tips for the thumbnails:

·    Have resolution of “1280*720” with minimum 640 pixels width

·    Upload in any of the PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, format

·    Keep it within 2MB

Try using the aspect ratio of 16:9 as it is the most useful ratio in the YouTube players.

There is no need to be confused with the technicalities but it is very important to know that you may develop a thumbnail which works well on the desktops and the mobile devices. 

You may use YouZign or Canva for designing a thumbnail for the YouTube videos within minutes. 

4.    Focus your attention on branding

There are certain branding things which you need to do henceforth. This would help in making sure that each video is different. One of these things is employing the branded outro and intro. 

YouTube intro- a 3 to 5 seconds clipping which runs at the start for showcasing the brand.

YouTube outro- this runs mainly at end and might be very simple and related to the videos for the channel 

Getting your YouTube intro and YouTube outro video is very easy and you may easily create them on your own with the help of Camtasia or you may also employ Fiverr. 
If you do not have your channel’s logo yet, then first of all you need to get it designed as well. 

5.    Share the videos on all social media channels

In case you’re a video blogger, there are certain social-media properties for the channel that you have. This will give you the opportunity of creating a community outside YouTube and direct traffic from all the other social media and social networks. 

Below are some properties of social media which you should create:

·    Twitter profile

·    Facebook page

·    Pinterest profile

·    Google plus page

·    Instagram profile

You may use the Buffer tool for scheduling the videos which you need to share on the social media networks. You may take advantage of Buffer + IFTT integration for automatically sharing your latest published videos on the social media networks. 

An important thing to note here is that you should always share the video at regular intervals.

6.    Start your blog for a YouTube channel

In case you’re a full time YouTuber, you should definitely not miss on developing a blog for the YouTube videos you create. Now days, it is quite easy to transmit your YouTube videos on a blog. You may create your blog for free of cost or even on a paid platform.

It is suggested that you create your blog on WordPress and use the video specific theme of WordPress. It would be better to use the Managed WordPress Hosting. Therefore, you will not have to bother yourself about the maintenance of the blog also. 

You may also use the plugins like:

1.    You may use the SEO WordPress plugin for making your blog get a good ranking

2.    YouTube viral subscribe plugin for automatically adding the subscribe to channel tag in every video

If you do not want to work with WordPress, you may take the advantage of the other platforms such as:

·    Tumblr

·    Medium

·    BlogSpot

7.    Create a playlist or add a video to the current playlist

YouTube list is a very good way of getting more number of views on the current videos. Once you’re done uploading your new video, just add it to the playlist. 

In case you are developing a new playlist, just follow these simple steps:

-  Give a proper and meaningful name to your playlist and have keywords in title of the playlist

-    Add detailed description of playlist and add the keywords also in it

-    Group the similar videos in one single playlist

-    One single video may be listed in the playlists

The YouTube playlists appear in the search results also. 

8.    Use the call to action feature on YouTube    

People on the social media networks have to be told about the actions that you would like them to take. By the end of video, or even in the middle, ask the viewers to like and subscribe your channel. Also, you may ask the audience to share your video with other people who could benefit from the video. 
All the prominent YouTube celebs employ this particular technique for taking benefit of the current viewership for their channel. In case you have not done it ever before, start it from the next video onwards. This would help you in fetching lots of likes and shares. 

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