What is a logo?

Speaking in very simple terms, a Logo is a symbol that is made up of a combination of text and images and is associated with a brand’s identity. It is a unique design which can be used by an organization on it’s packing material, letterhead, website and advertising material and works as as emblem by which the organisation can be recognised  However, there is so much more a good logo has to do in terms of helping your customers understand what can of an organization you are, what you do and what are your value.That’s a big responsibility your brand’s tiny logo image holds.

Why is a good logo vital for you?

A well-designed Logo vital to your business visual brand value. An intelligently designed logo is your very first opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression on your prospective clients. As they say, first impression is the last impression therefore, it has to be made sure that your logo is correct and represents your brand perfectly. Weblogixinfotech specializes in designing unique and remarkable logos and creatives for it’s clients.

Goals of a remarkable logo design:

While a logo design might appear to be a small thing to create, it actually  represents your brand and must be able to clearly convey your brand’s identity and values. A logo design definitely matters because color, contrast and play critical roles in brand differentiation. The key goals, we aim to achieve by providing you an excellent logo design, are the following:

●    A good logo is indicative of your company’s identity:

A unique logo separates your brand from the competitors. You might want to research how your competitor’s logo looks like and the go for something different. Although, make sure you do not end up with something that makes it tough for your clients to understand your brand.

●    Helps in making a long-lasting impression on the minds of your clients:

A logo helps serve as a visual reminder of your brand’s very existence in the market.In other terms, a good Logos can help to create a strong visual and mental association with your brand or business.Think about the big M for McDonald's and the tick for Nike!

●    Helps in brand development

●    Conveys important information about your brand:

Apart from providing an identity and brand differentiation, a good logo helps to convey important information about your company such as: the services you provide, brand values etc.Example: A green logo might indicate the eco-friendly nature of products or processes, a stylish font indicates luxury.

●    Shows off your sense of professionalism, style and taste

●    Comprises a pro-active element in marketing and publicity of your brand

●    Essential marketing tool in competitive environment

●    Highlights the character of your brand’s products and services

Elements of a good logo design?

These days, the industry giants believe that simpler looking logos are better. Anything that is too complex or confusing to comprehend fails to impress customers.So, the elements of a logo should be smartly selected, stylish yet conservative in order to catch the eye and capture the brain of the viewer.


This means some kind of text, be it a Monogram letter, an abbreviation or the full name of your brand.


Images in the logo often serve either decorative or representative purposes.This might include use of certain textures, symbols, line work or images of mascots for your brand.


Picking up the right colours for your logo might highlight your brand’s strength and in turn, help you fetch the right customers.


In certain cases, a logo may indicate the context in which it is used.

Static and Dynamic elements

A logo might stay the same at every place or might show a little but recognisable variation as per the context it is used.

Other factors to be considered include the reproduction cost of your Logo on various print media. For instance, more complex and colourful logos take more time and money to reproduce on stationary and print media.Also, a well selected logo would look good on a business card as well a poster!

Why choose us for designing logo for your brand?

We at Weblogixinfotech, have a team of talented and experienced graphic designers who shall assist and guide you in achieving your brand development requirements. We also give due respect to your personal taste in mind while Logo designing.

1.    Weblogixinfotech offers to provide you with customized logo designs depicting your company’s or brand’s objectives, ideas and personality.

2.    The logos designed by us keep into consideration the the name of the brand, its reach, its goals and the services/products in mind.

3.    Logo designs that we create are focused on providing you with real returns in terms of revenue generation by bringing your brand/ products or services into limelight. Or logos are able to communicate effectively to your target audience.

4.    Till date, we have designed logos for a number of clients and they have reaped real benefits in terms of standing ahead of their competitors and creating stronger identities in the current scenario.

5.    With our world class, creative logo designs you can expect your online target process to be effective and hassle-free.
So, give us an opportunity to serve you!