Dedicated servers hosting is basically a hosting configuration wherein the server is dedicated to only one single company or for one single purpose like a website. It’s in contrast with the shared hosting wherein the server acts as host to different clients. Dedicated hosting is sometimes also known as dedicated server and could be set up by the in house team or even externally. 

Dedicated servers are totally ideal for the medium and large scale businesses as well as websites which experience heavy traffic. It offers maximum customisation, configuration as well as flexibility. You get the full root access. Thus, you get the administrative control of the server. Dedicated servers which have CentOS operating system include the cPanel as well as WHM for an effective management of the hosting specific functions and the overall configuration of the server. 

Benefits of dedicated servers

Some of the benefits of the dedicated servers include:

Customisation- dedicated hosting gives some kind of freedom as well as control which the other hosting solutions are not able to offer. The fact that server is only dedicated to one single client and there’re absolutely no cohabitants signifies that the server as well as the overall hosting solutions could be tailored to particular needs and requirements of that business. This helps in making sure that they may choose and pay for those features which they need.

Uptime- in today’s world when convenience means everything and the consumers do not want to wait, it’s very important to make sure that a business website for instance, is functional all the time, downtime of the website may lead to the customers moving to the competitors. Dedicated hosting permits high performance as well as stability. It helps in making sure that the websites as well as other functions of the business are virtually operational. Towards this end, the suppliers need to give server checking and also back up offices alongside help administrations for keeping the capacities running consistently.

Congestion- congestion on the server is not a big issue with dedicated server especially in comparison to the shared hosting solutions. 
With last mentioned, you additionally run dangers of high clog due to movement and the levels of use of alternate sites or the applications facilitated on comparative server, contending for the bandwidth, CPU usage and disk space. The nature of the dedicated hosting helps in making sure that it is not an issue. It works in the other way also. In case the website is resources heavy then the dedicated hosting could be the answer for making sure that the other websites are not disrupted.

Support- some of the dedicated hosting servers come with some support. It’s as important as higher percentage of the dedicated hosting servers employing the service for hosting mission critical or significant computing functions or the websites. 

Sharing of the server resources- when you go for dedicated servers, you get a full access to one single server. You also don’t have to worry about the other websites jamming the RAM and the CPU of the server. With dedicated server, you would be rest assured that the bad script running on the other websites or the spiked in the bandwidth usage does not slow down your server.
Why should you choose dedicated servers?

1.    Full roots access
With the help of full roots access, you will get max flexibility for setting up as well as configuring the web server
You will get total control of server with the actions like Stop, Start, Rebuild, etc. with server management panel 

2.    Maximum control
The dedicated servers permits maximum configuration, customisation, installation as well as overall flexibility
The data centre level DDoS protection for protecting the server safe from different kinds of malicious attacks 

Why choose us

Our Servers

We use high quality hardware for the dedicated servers. We just use latest as well as the thoroughly tested blade servers. For taking good care of the client’s data, all the servers come along with 2 hard disks with RAID1 enabled. 

Our platform

We at Weblogixinfotech are totally committed to client satisfaction and wish to ensure that each and every programmer feels good at home. Bearing all these things in mind, we totally support PHP 5.2 or 5.3, Python, Perl, Ruby on the Rails. 


The customers can very easily handle their shared accounts from the web browser with the help of control panel. With WHM and cPanel, starting your business would be very easily.
We offer businesses of any size a professional and custom opportunity for outsourcing their servers or the individual applications. We have created a failsafe service concept for our clients which totally satisfy the quality demands of our clients.

This is what we offer to our clients:

·    Competent advice, administration and support throughout the day

·    Cost saving with the help of efficient approach to the individual information technology systems

·    Special configurations and particular functionalities

·    Max flexibility