The way businesses and brands function has changed a lot over the past decade. The world is relying more on electronic media as opposed to print media. We are Bulk Email Service Provider in Delhi, NCR. Our team at Weblogixinfotech strives to explore every medium out there to generate new business opportunities and scopes of profit generation for our clients. All our efforts are directed towards providing you with integrated, innovative and effective marketing campaigns.

What are promotional Emails?

Emails are a good way to target a specific group of customers through computers and mobiles. Email marketing involves sending a direct message about new launches, sales, prospects etc. to specific audience, as per the brand’s guidelines. 

Email marketing is a vital Internet Marketing tool. Your efforts for online business promotion remain incomplete without incorporating a bulk email marketing or newsletter services. From small to medium scale companies to industry giants, everybody is integrating direct promotional email marketing services in their promotional services aimed at customer acquisition and retention efforts.

What is the purpose of Email marketing?

Promotional Email marketing services happen to be a very cost-effective method for reaching out to a huge customer base. This helps to streamline your business’ marketing communication structure. Amongst the various benefits, a few are:

●    Regardless of the types of products and services you intend to sell, a strong online presence is inevitable these days if, you want to reap higher profits.

●    Reaching out the right kind of audience ensures that you are striking the right chords. The primary purpose of a great customer relationship management system is to streamline businesses and promote sales. 

●    The right kind of promotional Email marketing services can help you expand your customer base.

●    With things getting high tech and practically, everybody having access to internet, Bulk Emails provide a good platform to effectively advertise your brand, products and services.

●    With regular promotional Emails, you can stay connected to your potential customers.
●    Bulk promotional email marketing solutions are designed for helping you attract more clients and achieve a commanding market position.


Why choose our promotional Email services?

●    Weblogixinfotech is one of the most reliable and affordable Bulk Email Service Provider in Delhi/ NCR. 

●    Our administrations include: spam checking, special substance or pamphlet and transfer client database among others.

●    Firstly, you have the freedom to choose from our different packages as per your requirements and expectations. 

●    We send out promotional Emails to subscribers who have opted-in for the service.

●    Regular emails and newsletters to those who have subscribed, help to establish long term connections with the already existing customers.

●    Our Email marketing methods ensure amazing returns on investment. 

●    We help you target highly specified prospective clients as indulging in spamming and random mailing does not solve the purpose of brand promotion.

●    Our email marketing techniques assure a high open-click and conversion rates. 

●    We create personalized emails that look and feel interactive to the audience.

●    Easy access to our web-based mass email sending setups from various devices.

●    We help you create as well as manage mailing lists, bounced mails.

●    We help you to track responses to your promotional Emails.

●    Our team has a definite technological superiority and expertise that is guaranteed to give you good results and maximize your ROIs.

●    Regular reporting and analytics.
Our email marketing services include:

●    Transactional / Alert Email Service – Comprises of informational & important mails to send out alerts, reminders etc.

●    Promotional Bulk Email Marketing Service – Comprises of emails regarding promotional activities like deals, discounts, offers etc.

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