Promotional SMS

A good marketing strategy helps you in reaping good results for your business or brand. Promotional SMS are needed to keep in regular touch with your old customers and expanding your clientele. It is important to keep your current clients informed about your latest tie ups, achievements as well as deals and discounts being offered by you.

Why do you need Promotional SMS?

Mobile is a necessity these days and has also turned out to be one of the most powerful medium for effective marketing these days. Promotional SMS happen to be one of the cheapest and easiest tool for business promotion.
●    Their bulk promotional SMS service is a practical, user-friendly and economical marketing solution that we offer to our clients.

●     Unlike the traditional methods of marketing, such as: distributing pamphlets, leaflets etc. the bulk Promotional SMS needs very little human support as it relies on advancing technologies.

●    The promotional SMS tool is the one which everyone should consider for business expansion and new business generation because it is quick and effective. You will be able to communicate your message to Thousands of mobile users, in a single go

●    Irrespective of the type of products and services that your brand offers, you need to reach out to maximum audience possible to help make your presence felt.

●    With things getting high tech, almost everybody owns an internet enabled mobile these days. Bulk promotional SMS gives your business a great platform to advertise your brand, products and services.

●    With regular promotional Emails, you can stay connected to your potential customers.

Why choose our promotional SMS services?

We are an experienced team of technical experts working in the area of IT and Business promotion since a number of years and are one of the most reliable bulk SMS service providers in Delhi/ NCR. Weblogixinfotech is amongst the leading business promotional services in Delhi and NCR and we help our clients in all types of business promotional measures like: Bulk SMS services, Bulk WhatsApp, Bulk Emailing amongst many others. Our primary focus is to promote business for our clients in.

●    We offer bulk promotional SMS services in Delhi NCR which are comprehensive and include message content creation, adding and editing contacts, adding required links etc. to your SMS. We help in formulating SMS content that is attractive and helps you in retaining your customers.

●    We have reliable servers that make use of cutting edge technology for ensuring that your promotional SMS reach the inboxes of your targeted customers, directly. Our innovative techniques ensure no scope of error.

●    We are known for our high-quality marketing solutions.

●    The services being offered by us are which we offer at affordable rates.

●     Our promotional SMS Delhi NCR gateway ensures that your SMS are delivered to both CDMA and GSM sim users.

●    Unlimited Validity of our promotional SMS packs

●    Your Sender ID can be decided by you as per the promotional SMS service plans you opt for (Like: DM-WEBLOGIX, AM-001234, 99910xxxxx)

●     100% DND Filtered promotional SMS

●    100% Live Delivery

●     100% Responsive Web Panel

●    Instant delivery of messages

●    Regional Language Support including English and Hindi

●    SMS Scheduling

●     Customized/Personalize/Dynamic SMS Feature

●    Continuous technical support

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