Website Development
Website development is a very broad term for work involved in the development of a website. This term refers broadly to tasks which are associated with the development of websites which are hosted through the internet or the intranet. The process of web development includes development of web content, Web design, server or client side scripting, configuration of network security and other such tasks.

It can be defined as programming or the coding language which helps the functionality of a website according to the requirements of the owner. It deals mainly with non-designing aspect of constructing which comprises of writing mark up and coding.

This domain ranges from development of plain text to critical web based apps, social networking applications as well as electronic business apps.

The hierarchy of web development is:

·    Client side coding

·    Server side coding

·    Database technology

We at Weblogixinfotech, are totally committed to be on the track of creating well defined, user friendly and unique websites. We offer a never compromising and high quality website to our clients. We make sure that our solutions are sustainable and we constantly work on improving our quality. We are also committed to developing a wonderful high end technology and worth a while value-added services with continuous and constant improvement.

Our set of skills and experience help in providing highest level of satisfaction to our customers with the help of innovative and latest designs, extremely creative and useful solutions and the best of business profit maximisation with the help of extensive generation of traffic.

The term “Web development” mainly relates to the job of developing websites to running on the intranet or the internet. Website development comprises of the pieces of content development, website design, scripting and various other out linining zones. Our country stands 2nd for employing the internet. People now days need each and everything on the web. Thus it’s quite advantageous to own a website irrespective of the size of your business.

Our first priority is quality and thus all our endeavours are diverted towards that. We make use of our portfolio for working together and assure that each and every website and the versatile deliverable is top class and very interesting.

Difference between web designing and website development

Development and designing are 2 very different things. Designing mainly deals with front end or the customers facing a part of development and website dealing with both the equations i.e. front end as well as back end of the website. We take pride in stating ourselves as one of the top Website Development Company in Delhi NCR working for the customer satisfaction. Our team of professionals pick a design for the website and then work on its functioning. The web developers employ CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript and various other languages of programming for bringing life to the website design. With developing internet technology, the ratio of the mobile users go up and thus businessmen not just emphasize on a website for the desktop but they are now also moving towards the mobile websites. A well responsive website is very easy to explore and is also useful. It helps in enhancing the user experience.

We offer solutions for providing website development services with the help of well experienced team for designing as well as the development of a website. For us, website designing is not a difficult task; it is the development of the website. With our extensive experience, our engineers make a modified web-based website for the business for advancing your image skilfully while also bringing success and the online deals.

Website development

We create different types of vibrant websites like classifieds, matrimony, etc.

Our action plan

Discovery and planning

First of all we make a unique and a different kind of a website for each and every client. We help in creating a unique identity of the business on the internet.

Quality design

There are a lot of websites available on the internet, but we choose an attractive, unique and high quality design for our client’s business.


We create a website which is safe on CMS/MVC technologies such as Codeigniter, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, ASP.NET, etc.

Launch and testing

Before launching a website we thoroughly test all the validations, spellings, fonts as well as the speed of the website. We also minify all the files for enhancing the speed of the website

We will help you reach your customers and grow your business

We offer all services relate to the development of a website. We create different types of vibrant websites such as classified, retail matrimony, etc. We have all the latest technologies for website development. Our aim is to develop a friendly, healthy and a long lasting relationship with the clients. Our team will always be ready to assist the clients and find a solution for their issues.