All the candidates who are contesting state, local or national elections have to connect to the voters through various digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing strategies for political campaigns have made it very easy to reach the targeted audience at just a fraction of the traditional cost of marketing. There is a lot of information available about the voters but the way it is used would determine success of the political campaign.

For anyone who is running for elections, below are a few digital marketing techniques and channels. 

The uses of digital marketing and social media marketing increase reach of the communication efforts and also help in targeting the audience. The digital marketing strategies have now become a part of overall campaign brief, and parties are now spending a good amount of resources and time in the digital marketing. Growing usage of digital media helps in accentuating its role for influencing the voters as well as their behaviour. Digital marketing isn’t only growing fast in the current marketing field, but it’s also set to become the future of digital marketing. It’s quite likely that the digital media strategies would shortly replace the traditional form altogether. 

Domain name
The very first thing that you should do once you choose to run for office is to get a domain name for the political campaign. Actually, it would be a good idea to buy multiple domain names associated to your office. There’re times when the opponents get the domain names and redirect them to their own domains. 


The next important thing you will need is the logo for establishing yourself as a branded politician. This brand would be on the battle business card, entryway holder, standards, yard signs, internet based life, site, email promoting, notices and recordings.
As per the current statistics, use of infographics is increasing day by day. They are considered to be extremely powerful and useful visual representation which shows a difference between you as well as your opponent. This works well for the busy voters who just have 2 minutes time to go through your message.


Next thing which you will need for your political campaign is a user friendly and well-designed website. WordPress is one of the most popular and easy web designing platforms. It ranks quite well and it’s also quite easy to handle. You just need to have a homepage which includes everything about your party, videos, pictures, email signing up form, volunteers, blogs, donation, button, etc. 

Post everything possible on the blog like announcement for the campaign, opinion about various issues, press release, responding to the issues or the attacks of the opponent, fundraisers, events as well as surveys. You need to be positive. No one cares about the attacks or the nasty comments. You need to ensure that you have Google Analytics as well as On-Site SEO. You should use SEO target keywords which the users search on the internet for finding information about the political campaign or the candidates.

Fundraising websites- You should use a code for posting it on the website, email marketing and social media. Some of the voters prefer writing a cheque, and thus you need to ensure that you have all detailed instructions for those people to follow. Include a form with all info needed for the contributors to sign and your email address as well.
In case you do not have a budget for a website, then you may just develop a social media page and point the domain to Twitter or Facebook.

Social Media

Social media is a very easy way of building relationship with voters. The announcements that you post have to go on the blog and then just share them on your social media networks. Connect with the voters and check what they are actually interested in. Try not to keep asking for donations and support. It gets very annoying and the users might just unfollow or block you. The different types of social media networks which may be used include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, etc. In case you don’t have staff for managing the social media networks, you may use hootsuit for managing your social-media networks from single dashboard. 

Email marketing

Email marketing is a very good way of connecting with your voters. You may send mails to the voter’s list and make it easy for them to sign for your newsletter by getting the form from your website. 

Why choose us
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