Transactional Email services

What is transactional email?

A Transactional email is designed in order to facilitate a transaction between the sender and the receiver. Such a transaction has been previously agreed upon. Transactional emails contain certain information that the recipient requires or has opted for receiving. Such emails typically have very high open rates.

The most common types of transactional emails include:

●    Account creation/activation emails:

One of the very first transactional emails that the subscriber receives from your end is an account creation email. This initial email serves to establish a critical relationship between your brand and your users and start a reliable method of communication. These might contain content about the next steps that the subscriber needs to follow.

●    Password reset emails:

 These are useful when the user forgets their account or application password and wishes to reset it. Some people like to periodically reset their passwords for sake of security. Therefore, these types of transactional emails are crucial for any app that needs passwords.

●    Online purchase receipts:

Customers expect to get an online purchase receipt of the products and services they opt for from all kinds of online vendors. Such emails should be delivered in a jiffy. All kinds of delays in sending out this  type of transactional emails or these being delivered in the spam folder can lead to a poor user experience and lost faith in your brand. This may potentially impact your business’ revenue generation.

●    Certain Account alerts or notifications:

These include information emails regarding important activities going on in your app or any unauthorized account access that might be suspected.

●    Emails regarding social media updates:

These transactional emails comprise of alerts like social posts, content uploads or downloads, etc.

How do marketing emails differ from transactional emails?

There is a difference in the purpose and intention of sending out transactional and marketing/promotional emails. These two must not be confused with each other. Also, the way and platforms through which these two types of emails are sent is different.

There are basically three different ways to send out your emails to recipients. We can send the emails through: Web API, SMTP relay or through marketing email application. We shall explain and suggest to you the best way, as per your requirements.

Transactional Emails

A Transactional email is also known as a “triggered” email since it has been triggered as a result of the recipient's interaction with a web or mobile application. Examples being: an account activation alert, notification emails, purchase receipts etc. Transactional emails are often sent via SMTP relay platform or programmatically via APIs.

Our team of programmers shall assist you in creating custom email templates for our clients, help add the desired content. We shall also assist you in creating recipient lists. Thereafter, our platforms can be used as a delivery engine to send out your transactional emails.

Marketing Emails

Unlike the transactional emails which are triggered by sender-recipient interaction and are sent programmatically, the promotional or marketing emails are timed. Promotional emails are  sent strategically to the recipients added in your mailing list. The content and purpose of marketing emails is entirely different from the transactional messages.

Why rely upon us for transactional email services in Delhi NCR?

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For clients who want us to create marketing campaigns on their behalf, upload sending lists, create promotional email templates and send out emails to the recipients, we offer the comprehensive email solutions.

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Weblogixinfotech provides you with creative transactional email services in Delhi NCR. Our transactional email solution come with powerful features for developers and marketers. One of the best parts of being associated with us happens to be our versatility and years of experience in the industry.

We can help you get your emails delivered in time regardless of the nature of emails, be it: newsletters, discount or deal coupons, promotional content, notifications, password reset or any other sort of email communication.

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