Digital marketing is known to be the type of advertising which is delivered through the digital channels like websites, search engines, emails, mobile apps, etc.
While the term covers differed promoting exercises, these are not settled upon all around, the most widely recognized composes have been clarified beneath:

1.    Paid search

Paid search or PPC i.e. Pay Per Click, refers to “Sponsored result” on top or on the side of the result page of the search engine. You just pay when someone clicks on your ad. You may easily tailor the PPC advertisements for appearing when particular terms are searched for, developing advertisements which are targeted to some particular audience. 
The PPC advertisements are visible, flexible and quite efficient for a number of organisations. They are even contextual ads i.e. the advertisements which appear when an individual is looking for some particular term or keyword. 

2.    Search Engine Optimisation

In simple words, SEO(Search Engine Optimisation is the procedure of optimising content, the technical setup and reach of the website so that the pages appear on top of the results of the search engines for a particular set of the keyword terms. Ultimately, the aim is to allure the visitors towards your website while they look for some product, service or information relating to your line of business.

3.    Content marketing

Great content can be said to be the fuel which drives the digitalised marketing services:

·    It’s the main pillar of the modern day SEO

·    It helps the business in getting noticed on the social media pages

·    It offers the business something of great value that it can offer to the customers in paid search advertisements and emails

Developing good content which isn’t promotional, but can inspire and educate the audience, is difficult but worth all the efforts. Providing the content which is relevant to the audience helps them to see you as an invaluable source of info. 

4.    Social media marketing

People are not only watching dog videos but also posting their selfies on the social media pages now days. A lot of people depend on the social media networks for researching, discovering and educating themselves about some particular brand before they engage with the organisation. For the marketers, it is not sufficient to post on the Twitter and Facebook accounts. You should also weave the social elements into each aspect of the marketing and developing more peer to peer opportunities of sharing. 

5. Email marketing

Emails have been in vogue since past 2 decades, and they are going to be there for a while. It is still one of the quickest and direct ways of reaching the customers with crucial information. The reason behind this is very simple. The consumers are attached to the emails. You just need to ask yourself about the number of times you checked your emails recently. 

But efficient marketers are aware of the fact that not just any mail would do. Successful mailing campaigns need to be very engaging, informative, relevant as well as entertaining. For succeeding, the marketing mails need to satisfy the below mentioned attributes:

- Relevant

- Trustworthy

- Conversational

- Strategic

- Be coordinated throughout the channels

6.  Mobile marketing

As the mobile devices are increasingly becoming an integral part of everyone’s lives, it is very important that the marketers understand the ways of effectively communicating on this extremely personal and unique channel. The mobile devices are mostly kept in the pockets, sitting next to our bed and they are constantly checked across the day. This makes mobile marketing extremely important but they’re also nuanced. 

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is the integral platform which ties all the digital marketing together. Without this, all the campaigns would just look like unfinished puzzles with crucial pieces missing. The marketing automation software helps in streamlining and automating the workflow as well as task of marketing. Most importantly, it helps in measuring the results and the return on investment of the digital campaigns, helping the business grow revenue quickly.
When efficiently used, marketing automation would help you in gaining the much needed insights into which the programmes are working and which ones are not. 

Why should you choose us?

1.    You are directionless

There are companies which do not have a substantial digital strategy, do not have a clear strategic aim for which they wish to achieve new customers or develop deep relationships with the existing ones. We at Weblogixinfotech  Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi NCR would help you identify your goals. 

2.    You would not know your target audience or the market share

Customers demand for the online services could be underestimated in case you have not researched about this. Also, you would not understand the online marketplace; dynamics would be quite different as compared to the traditional channels with various customer profiles and competitors, behaviours, propositions as well as options for the marketing communications. We would help you identify all the important tools available from main digitalised platforms where you may find levels of customer demand. 

3.    Existing and the start-up competitors would help in gaining the market share

In the event that you are not spending adequate assets for computerized showcasing or on the off chance that you are utilizing a specially appointed approach with no unmistakably characterized approach, your rivals would gobble up the majority of your advanced lunch. We would not give this a chance to happen. We would enable you to recognize your piece of the overall industry.

4.    You do not have a strong online value proposition

We would help you device a clearly defined online customer’s value proposition which would be tailored to the different target customer persona. This would help you in making people realise the difference between your online services encouraging the existing and the new customers for engaging initially and staying loyal.

5.    You do not know your customers properly

It’s said often that digital is considered to be the most measurable source ever. But Google Analytics would just tell you the volume of visits not sentiments of the visitors. We would help you analyse what your customers think. You will have to use the other forms of the website user feedback tools also for identifying the weak points and address them. We would help you with this as well.

6.    Digital does not have sufficient budget or people given its significance

The deficient assets would be dedicated to arranging and also executing email showcasing and there's probably going to be an absence of specific master E promoting abilities that would help in making it extremely tough to respond to the competitive threats efficiently. We would make sure that sufficient resources are devoted for this task. 

7.    You are simply wasting your time as well as money through duplication

Even when you have sufficient resources, it could be wasted. This is specifically the case in the bigger companies where you would see different types of marketing organisations buying different tools or employing different companies for doing similar tasks. We would help you use these resources to the best of their efficiency. 

8.    You are not agile for catching up or staying ahead

In case you look at the top online labels like Dell, Amazon, Zappos, Tesco, they are quite dynamic. We would help you try new approaches for gaining or keeping their online audience. 

So just try our services once and see the difference.